SageTV and Home Theatre PC Software

= Appendix B: Adding Channel Logos =

SageTV supports the use of channel logo images in the Program Guide, or nearly any place where the channel name is displayed. The logos are stored in the directory specified by the epg/logo_dir property, by default this would be a subdirectory named "ChannelLogos" in your SageTV directory. SageTV can import logos stored in the JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), or PNG (.png) formats.

To add a logo for a channel, first determine the channel name: simply look at the Program Guide to see the name displayed under the channel number. In the screen portions shown, channel 39 is TBS. The channel name is then used as the name of the image file to be used as the logo: if the file happens to be a JPEG image, the filename would be: “tbs.jpg”, without the quotes. Place a copy of that file in the logo directory. If SageTV is already running, it will automatically find the file and begin using it as the logo for TBS, so there is no need to restart SageTV. However, sometimes there may be a delay before new logos are

recognized and loaded. If you wish to have the logos loaded and used immediately, you can exit and restart SageTV.

SageTV does not provide channel logos. You may either create the images yourself or download them from various web sites, such as Search the internet for other logo sources.