Appendix K: Closed Captions Edit

Closed Captioning is available in SageTV. To view Closed Captions while watching a SageTV recording, check the following:

You must be using a capture device that supports embedding Closed Captioning data in the recording file. ATSC and QAM tuners support Closed Captions. Also, some analog tuners support CC. Hauppauge analog tuners generally support CC, though certain newer device driver versions may be required.

For analog capture devices, the Recording Quality, in Detailed Setup: Multimedia Settings, must be set to use a DVD-style recording quality. If you create a custom recording quality (see Appendix H: Custom Recording Quality Settings), make sure that the custom setting uses 10, 13, or 14 as the outputstreamtype.

Use the Options command during Video Playback to view the pop-up Video Playback Options Menu. The Captions option will show the current CC status: Captions (Off), Captions (CC1), and Captions (CC2). Select the option to cycle through the choices. Most captions will display using the CC1 option, though some stations may use CC2.

CC can not be displayed through the Hauppauge PVR-350’s TV-out, the Hauppauge MVP, or while using Placeshifter via a remote connection.

CC will not display if using Overlay as the Video Renderer and Overlay Color Keying is Enabled. In addition, some MPEG2 Video Decoder Filter settings also cannot display CC text.

If you are using VMR9 and can't get CC to show up, try setting this registry value:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Frey Technologies\SageTV\DirectX9\YUVMixing=0

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