= Appendix L: Customization Development =

SageTV Studio Edit

SageTV Studio is the application used to edit the STV files that define the entire SageTV user interface. Since version 4.0, this application is available from within SageTV after the license key has been entered. (See License Key Registration.) Use the Customize command to open SageTV Studio for live editing of the currently loaded STV.

SageTV Studio usage documentation and information can be found at the following links:

A full user guide for Studio is available, which contains details about the Studio language, its interface & usage, and tutorials/examples to help learn how to use Studio.

Download this PDF document from:

To go along with the Studio user guide, there is an accompanying STV that is used for the tutorials in the guide. Download this STV from:

See our forum at for discussions with other SageTV Studio users regarding available customizations and Studio usage tips.

== Sharing Customizations via Plugins ==

Customizations developed for SageTV can be shared with other SageTV users via the Plugin Manager menu.  Plugin developers can download the plugin system documentation from: