Why it is important and What is the difference between Freeview, Freesat, Sky TV Edit

What each one is

Freeview Edit

Freeview is the UK's new digital TV service. Over the next couple of years the UK will switch to digital TV region by region. For further information visit the official site


Lots of more channels to choose from and digital radio. As these channels are digital your sagTv server does not have to encode them when viewing/recording so a lot less work for the CPU


Until the whole of the UK is switched over freview is transmmited on low power so like myself you may suffer signal issues such as blocky distortions in the picture depending on atmospheric conditions.

Freesat Edit

Freesat is the result of BBC and ITV putting their heads (and pennies) together to launch a free sattelite tv service. Freesat offers most of the channels that Freeview does plus more including some HD channels. As time goes on more channels will be added.

Here is the official site with all the info:

To view in sageTv you will need a sat card such as Hauppauge wintv DVB-S S2 ( This card has worked flawlessly in my sageTv server since the launch of Freesat.


HD Channels

Good signal


You need a sat dish, a sky satdish is fine as Freesat is broadcast from the same constelation of sattalites as Sky.

Sky TV Edit

Benefits, drawbacks etc....

What is a STB Edit

What is a CAM Edit

How you can combine all of these transmission into one seemless SageTV set up...... Edit




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