SageTV and Home Theatre PC Software

Chapter 1: Introduction[]

How to use this Document[]

Minimum System Requirements[]

Product Overview[]

Navigational Tips[]

Chapter 2: Installation and Setup[]

Before Installing SageTV[]

Before Installing SageTV Client[]

Upgrading to a Newer Version[]

SageTV and SageTVClient Installation[]

License Key Registration[]

Starting SageTV[]

     Controlling SageTV’s Service Mode Options[]

          Accessing Network Drives with the SageTV Service[]
          Should I Use SageTV in Service Mode?[]
          Changing Property File Settings in Service Mode[]

     Start the SageTV User Interface[]

Starting SageTV Client[]

     Configure SageTV Client to Connect to the Server[]

Initial Configuration[]

SageTV Quick Start Guide[]

     Sleeping, Waking, and Exiting SageTV[]

          How the State of SageTV affects Creating TV Recordings[]
          Sleeping SageTV[]
          Waking SageTV[]
          Exiting SageTV[]

     Using Windows Power Management with SageTV[]

     Watching Live TV[]

          Watching Live TV When a Scheduled Recording Starts[]

     Scheduling a Manual Recording[]

     Creating a Favorite[]

     Intelligent Recordings[]

     Watching a Recording[]

Chapter 3: SageTV Menus[]

Using the SageTV Menu Interface[]



     Remote Control[]

     Entering Text via Remote Control[]

Global Menu Features[]

     The Menu Header and Footer[]

          Status Indicator Icons[]

     The Default Pop-up Menu: Video Menu Options[]

     SageTV Recording Types Indicators[]

          Font Styles[]
          Marker Icons[]

The SageTV Menus[]

     Main Menu[]

          Menu Choices[]

     Instant Search[]

     SageTV Recordings[]

          Selecting an Individual Recording[]
          Selecting a Group of Recordings[]
          SageTV Recordings Views[]
          SageTV Recordings Options[]
          SageTV Recordings Menu Options[]
          Sorting Options[]
          Grouping Options[]
          Filtering Options[]

     Recording Detail[]

     Airing and Video Options Dialog[]

          Basic Options[]
          Advanced Options[]

     Grouped Airings and Videos Options Dialog[]

          Right Column[]
          Left Column[]

     Program Guide[]

          Navigation Commands[]
          Mouse Navigation[]
          TIP: Updating the Guide Data[]
          Program Guide Options[]
          Program Guide Menu Options[]

     Program Information[]

     Series Information[]

     Additional Airings[]

     Airing History[]

     Recording Schedule[]

          Recording Schedule Views[]
          Recording Schedule Options[]
          Recording Schedule Menu Options[]
          Notes about Scheduled Recordings[]


     Search Results[]

          Search Results Options[]
          Search Results Menu Options[]
          Sorting Options[]

     Browse By Category[]

     Favorites Manager[]

          Adjusting a Favorite’s Priority[]

     Favorite Details[]

     Create Timed Recording[]

          Channel Selection[]
          Start and Stop Time[]
          Canceling a Timed Recording[]

     Recording Conflicts[]

          Conflict Resolution Options[]

     Music Browser[]

          Music Browser Layout[]
          Music Browser Usage[]
          Music Browser Views[]
          Music Browser Options[]
          Music Browser Menu Options[]
          Note about the “Now Playing” Playlist for Music[]
          Music Browser Song Options[]
          Music Playlist Options[]
          Music Playlist Segment Options[]
          Album Thumbnails[]

     Song Detail[]

     Create Playlist[]

     Photo Browser[]

          Photo Browser Layout[]
          Photo Browser Usage[]
          Photo Browser Options[]
          Photo Browser Menu Options[]
          Photo Browser Slideshow Options[]

     Video Browser[]

          Video Browser Layout and Usage[]
          Video Browser Views[]
          Video Browser Options[]
          Video Browser Menu Options[]
          Note about the “Now Playing” Playlist for Videos[]
          Video Browser Video Options[]
          Video Browser Folder Options[]
          Video Playlist Options[]
          Video Playlist Segment Options[]
          Video Thumbnails[]

     Video Detail[]

     File Browser[]

          File Browser Layout and Usage[]
          File Browser Options[]
          File Browser Menu Options[]
          File Browser File Options[]
          File Browser Folder Options[]

     Video Conversions[]

     New Drive Detected[]

     Record Command Options Dialog[]

          Adjust Recording Options for Manual Recordings[]

     Online Services[]


          Short Term Forecast[]
          Forecast Details[]

     5-Day Forecast[]

     YouTube Video[]

          YouTube Video Search Results[]

     Google Video[]

          Google Video Search Results[]

     TV Show Editorials[]

          TV Show Highlight[]

     Plugin Manager[]

          Plugin Manager Layout and Usage[]
          Plugin Manager Options[]
          Plugin Manager Categories[]
          Plugin Options[]

     Plugin Detail[]

     Plugin Configuration[]

Chapter 4: Media Playback[]

Supported Media Types[]

Using the SageTV Media Playback Interface[]

     A Note About Time Scroll Playback Mode[]

     Video Playback[]

          OSD Top[]
          OSD Bottom[]
          OSD Time Bar[]
          Playback Commands[]
          Video Playback Options Menu[]
          Video Playback Completion Options[]
          Aspect Ratio Mode selection dialog[]

     DVD Playback[]

          OSD Top[]
          OSD Bottom[]
          OSD Time Bar[]
          Playback Commands[]
          DVD Playback Options Menu[]

     Music Playback[]

          OSD Top[]
          OSD Bottom[]
          OSD Time Bar[]
          Playback Commands[]
          Music Playback Options Menu[]

     Picture Viewing[]

          Mouse Control[]
          Options Menu While Viewing a Single Image or a Slideshow[]

Chapter 5: Configuring SageTV[]

SageTV Setup[]

     Configuration Wizard[]

     Configuration Wizard: General and User Interface Options[]

          Step G1: Choose Your Country[]
          Step G2: Choose Your Language[]
          Step G3: Choose Whether to Enable the SageTV Server (server only)[]
          Step G4: Choose Whether to Enable the Media Extender and Placeshifter Server (server only)[]
          Step G5: Manage the Placeshifter Users[]
          Step G6: Configure the Placeshifter Internet Connection (server or media extender only)[]
          Step G7: Select the SageTV Startup Option[]
          Step G8: Adjust Display Aspect Ratio[]
          Step G9: Adjust User Interface Overscan, Part 1[]
          Step G10: Adjust User Interface Overscan, Part 2[]
          Step G11: Display Videos on Menus?[]
          Step G12: Choose Style for Videos on Menus[]
          Step G13: Select Remote Control[]
          Step G14: Assign Remote Control Commands[]
          Step G15: Enable Intelligent Recording?[]
          Step G16: Weather Report Configuration[]
          Step G17: Set Parental Controls[]
          Step G18: Set Parental Restrictions[]

     Configuration Wizard: Media Center Options[]

          Step MC1: Configure the Media Center Import Directories[]

     Configuration Wizard: Configure TV Recording[]

          Step R1: Set Analog Video Format[]
          Step R2: Video Recording Directories[]
          Step R3: Source Setup Wizard Introduction[]
          Step R4: Source Wizard Summary[]

     Configuration Wizard: Configure Video Playback[]

     Source Wizard Summary[]

     Source Setup[]

          Step 1: Select Device[]
          Step 2A: Select Device Input[]
          Step 2B: Select Audio Input[]
          Step 3B: Select the TV Tuner Tuning Option[]
          Step 4: Choose the RF Channel[]
          Step 5: Select the Tuning Plugin[]
          Step 6: Select the Cable Box or Satellite Receiver[]
          Step 6A: Name the New Receiver Device[]
          Step 6B: Teach SageTV the IR Codes from the Receiver’s Remote Control[]
          Step 7: Choose Whether to use Programming Guide Data[]
          Step 8: Select Provider Type[]
          Step 9A: Select Cable or Satellite Provider (Part 1: Zip/Postal Code)[]
          Step 9A: Select Cable or Satellite Provider (Part 2: Select Provider)[]
          Step 9A: Select Cable or Satellite Provider (Part 3: Select Service Level)[]
          Step 9B: Select Local Broadcast Market[]
          Step 10: Choose the Channels to Receive[]

     Source Details[]

          Source Options[]
          Remote Control Options[]

     Channel Setup[]

          Done with Channel Setup[]
          Edit Channel Lineup[]
          Channel Sorting Method[]
          Scan for Available Channels[]
          Channel List[]
          Channel Setup Options[]
          Remapping Stations for EPG data using ATSC or QAM Digital Tuners[]

     Remap Channel[]

          Channel Remapping Options[]
          Remapping Channels for Digital Tuners[]

     Add Channel to Lineup[]

     Channel Scan Results[]

     Channel Manager[]

     Parental Controls[]

     Parental Control Restrictions[]

     Detailed Setup: General Settings[]

          Video Recording Directories[]
          Video Recording Path Optimization Style[]
          Media Center Import Directories[]
          Automatic Library Rescan Frequency[]
          Intelligent Recording[]
          Autodial if Needed for Internet[]
          Sync System Clock with SageTV Server[]
          Animation Options[]
          Screen Saver Options[]
          Show Mouse Icons[]
          Automatically Connect to Server (Client only)[]

     Detailed Setup: Multimedia Settings[]

          Aspect Ratio Mode[]
          Aspect Ratio Settings[]
          Overscan Settings:[]
          Display Aspect Ratio Settings[]
          Output Resolution[]
          Native Output Resolution Switching[]
          Recording Quality[]
          Enable TV Out for PVR-350[]
          Enable UI on TV Out of PVR-350[]
          Hardware Decoding Only:[]
          Video Menu Options[]
          UI Language[]
          Default Audio Language[]
          Default Subtitle Language[]
          SageTV Window is Always On Top[]

     Detailed Setup: Video/Audio Settings[]

          Video Renderer[]
          MPEG2 Video Decoder Filter[]
          SageTV MPEG Video Decoder uses DXVA (hardware acceleration)[]
          H.264 Video Decoder Filter[]
          VC1 Video Decoder Filter[]
          Media Player for non-MPEG Files[]
          Dscaler Deinterlacer Filter[]
          Audio Renderer[]
          MPEG2 Audio Decoder Filter[]
          HD Audio Decoder Filter[]
          Audio Playback Delay[]
          HD Audio Output[]
          Reload Media Player[]

     Detailed Setup: DVD Settings[]

          DVD-ROM Drive[]
          DVD Video Renderer[]
          DVD Video Decoder Filter[]
          DVD Audio Renderer[]
          DVD Audio Decoder Filter[]

     Detailed Setup: Commands Settings[]

          Link Infrared/Keystroke to SageTV Command[]
          Show SageTV Commands linked to Infrared/Keystroke[]
          Unlink Infrared/Keystroke from SageTV Command[]
          Remote Control Configuration[]

     Detailed Setup: Server Settings[]

          SageTV Server[]
          Media Extender and Placeshifter Server[]
          Configure Placeshifter Internet Connection[]
          Manage Placeshifter Users[]
          Placeshifter Locator ID[]
          Allow Placeshifter clients to automatically login[]
          Media Extender Conversion Quality[]

     Detailed Setup: Advanced Settings[]

          Load at Windows Startup[]
          Video Orbiting Duration[]
          3D Acceleration[]
          Use Full Screen Exclusive Mode[]
          Overlay Color Keying[]
          Optimized Image Loader[]
          Rescan Existing Library Files[]
          Automatic Update Checks[]
          Check for STV Update[]
          Revert to the default STV[]
          Reload last custom STV[]
          Manage STVI plugins[]
          SageTV Full UI Package (.STV or .XML File)[]
          Import UI Modification (.STVi File)[]
          Select the User Interface Theme[]
          Debug Logging[]

     Detailed Setup: Customize Settings[]

          Fast Forward & Rewind times[]
          Inactivity Timeout and OSD AutoHide[]
          Automatically Enable Channels Newly Added to EPG Lineups[]
          Power Management settings[]
          Font Size Limitation Settings[]
          Numeric Text Input Settings[]
          Online Video Options[]
          Online Video Access[]
          YouTube Video Quality[]
          Temporary File Storage Location[]
          Reset Temporary File Storage Location[]
          Mouse Auto-Repeat Rate[]
          Ignore Leading Articles During Text Sorting[]
          Instant Search mode on Navigation Menus[]
          Maximum Results per Search[]
          Action to take when SageTV Window is closed[]
          Video Background Color[]
          Focus follows mouse movement[]
          Delete Live TV files when not using Intelligent Recording[]
          Use aggressive negative profiling for Intelligent Recordings[]
          Include episode names in filenames[]
          Remove padding on back to back Favorites[]
          Add ShowID as part of Movie Favorites[]
          Reset watched shows when played again[]
          Always ask whether to resume or restart partially watched videos[]
          Always start video playlist items from the beginning[]
          Detect repeat airings with non-unique IDs[]
          Automatically add converted videos to database[]
          Enforce recording quality in schedule[]
          Number of Days to Schedule Recordings[]
          Enable MPEG4 timeshifting (requires hardware encoder)[]
          Always tune channel[]
          Channel Entry Options[]
          DirecTV Fast Serial Channel Changes[]
          Show recording status marker icons in lists[]
          Ask to delete recording at end of playback?[]
          Use expanded options for the Record command[]
          Options menu mode for videos and recordings[]
          For grouped items: Select opens options dialog, Info browses into group[]
          Alternate Movie category name[]
          Display pop-up when a new drive detected[]
          Display OSD between Playlist Segments[]
          Reset Disabled Warnings[]
          Use wrap-around scrolling in single column vertical lists[]
          Use vertical wrap-around scrolling in the Program Guide grid[]
          Use ‘Fixed Focus’ in single column non-wrapped vertical lists[]
          TV Category Background Colors[]
          RC5 Repeat Detection[]

     System Information[]

     System Messages[]

SageTV Commands[]

     Sending Commands via Keystrokes[]

     Sending Commands via Infrared Codes[]

     Sending Commands via Windows Messages[]

     Sending Commands via Multimedia Keyboards and Remotes[]

     List of All SageTV Commands[]

Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Guide[]

General Crashes and Errors[]

Video Issues[]

Audio Issues[]



Infrared Devices[]





Client – Server Connection[]

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)[]


Setup & Installation[]

Watching Live TV[]

Recording Programs[]

The SageTV EPG service[]

Configuration & Customization[]

Firewall Settings[]

Chapter 8: Version History[]

  • Version 9.0
  • Version 7.0
  • Version 6.6
  • Version 6.5
  • Version 6.4
  • Version 6.3-B
  • Version 6.3-A
  • Version 6.2
  • Version 6.1
  • Version 6.0

Appendix A: SageTV Properties Settings[]

  • Configurable properties for SageTV Version 2.0 and later

Appendix B: Adding Channel Logos[]

Appendix C: Managing Recording Files[]

  • Where to Store the Next Recording
  • No More Free Space
  • Automatic Cleanup of Live TV

Appendix D: SageTV Command Line Parameters[]

Appendix E: Remote Controls[]

  • SageTV Remote
  • Programming the STP-HD300 Remote Control
  • SageTV STP-HD300 Remote Control Layout
  • SageTV STX-HD100 and STP-HD200 Remote Control Layout
  • Hauppauge Remote
  • Hauppauge Remote Control Installation Instructions
  • SageTV Configuration Options for the Hauppauge Remote
  • SageTV Preconfigured 34 button Hauppauge Remote Control Commands
  • SageTV Preconfigured 45 button Hauppauge Remote Control Commands
  • Streamzap Remote
  • Streamzap PC Remote Control Installation Instructions
  • SageTV Configuration Options for the Streamzap Remote
  • SageTV Preconfigured Streamzap Remote Control Commands

Appendix F: Infrared Receivers & Transmitters[]

  • Evation’s IRMan (
  • ACTiSYS IR-200L (
  • USB-UIRT (
  • Hauppauge IR Blaster

Appendix G: Network Encoding[]

Appendix H: Custom Recording Quality Settings[]

Appendix I: Playing DVDs and BDs from the Hard Drive[]

  • Playing Hard Drive Based DVDs
  • Playing Hard Drive Based Blu-rays

Appendix J: Using the SendMessage Utility[]

  • Usage
  • Example Use

Appendix K: Closed Captions[]

Appendix L: Customization Development[]

  • SageTV Studio
  • Sharing Customizations via Plugins

Appendix M: SageTV Media Extenders[]

  • Media Extender Installation
  • Registering Media Extender Licenses
  • Enable the Media Extender Server
  • Enable Connection to the Media Extender Server
  • SageTV HD Theater, models STP-HD200 and STP-HD300
  • SageTV HD Media Extender, model STX-HD100
  • Hauppauge MediaMVP
  • MVP Supported Media Types
  • Restart MVP After Installing a SageTV Upgrade
  • Using SageTV Studio with a Media Extender (optional)

Appendix N: SageTV Placeshifter Client[]

  • SageTV Placeshifter Client Installation
  • Registering Placeshifter Licenses
  • Enable the Placeshifter Server
  • Enable Remote Access to your SageTV server
  • Create Placeshifter users
  • Placeshifter Client Connections
  • Adding a Server
  • Placeshifter Settings
  • Placeshifter Login
  • Placeshifter Client Media Playback
  • Using SageTV Studio with a Placeshifter Client (optional)

Appendix O: User Interface Themes[]

  • Adding Custom Images to an Existing Theme
  • Creating a New Theme

Appendix P: Operating System Differences[]

  • SageTV for Windows
  • SageTV for Mac
  • SageTV for Linux OEM Edition

Appendix Q: Third Party Software Libraries[]

  • Apache License

Appendix R: Supported Tuners and Capture Devices[]

  • Analog TV Tuners with Hardware Encoding
  • OTA HDTV Tuners
  • ClearQAM HDTV Tuners
  • HD Video Capture Devices (no tuner)
  • CableCARD Tuners
  • DVB-T/C/S/S2 Tuners
  • SiliconDust HDHomeRun Setup Instructions