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Please note that this wiki will hopefully be the home of the SageTV documentation. Currently, it is not really ready for public consumption, but hopefully will be there soon. In the meantime, for information on SageTV, and it's use, please direct your attention to the SageTV Forums, which are alive and active at .

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What's new on SageTV and Home Theatre PC Software

30th November 2015 / Expanding use of this wiki to hopefully become the primary manual source for SageTV.
30th September 2012 / Main Satelite frequencies updates, corrected More4+1 and ITV1+1 - Full Satelite Freq List page.
28th July 2012 / Main Satelite frequencies updates to include the BBC Olympic channels (now tested) - Full Satelite Freq List page.
22nd Jan 2012 / New CAM page - CAM info page.
22nd Jan 2012 / Updated the Full Satelite frequency list - Get it HERE!.
Please feel free to add information and remember using Sky channel numbers makes life much easier
22nd Jan 2012 / Updated Channel number - Channel numbers.
9th Feb 2009 / Winter Hill Data and various amendments and info added.
News - Please feel free to add information and remember using Sky Channel Numbers makes life much easier
18th January 2009 / Freesat data added
News - Check out the Freesat data, mostly copied then amended from ElGato's work, thanks
17th January 2009 / Open for business
News - Roll up Roll up.... Get checking this data then.....
17th January 2009 / Help wanted
News - Help needed, please see the What Next link above....

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