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Appendix A: SageTV Properties SettingsAppendix B: Adding Channel Logos
Appendix C: Managing Recording FilesAppendix D: SageTV Command Line ParametersAppendix E: Remote Controls
Appendix F: Infrared Receivers & TransmittersAppendix G: Network EncodingAppendix H: Custom Recording Quality Settings
Appendix I: Playing DVDs and BDs from the Hard DriveAppendix J: Using the SendMessage UtilityAppendix K: Closed Captions
Appendix L: Customization DevelopmentAppendix M: SageTV Media ExtendersAppendix N: SageTV Placeshifter Client
Appendix O: User Interface ThemesAppendix P: Operating System DifferencesAppendix Q: Supported Tuners and Capture Devices
Appendix Q: Third Party Software LibrariesChannel numbers
Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Installation & Setup
Chapter 3: SageTV Menus
Chapter 4: Media Playback
Chapter 5: Configuring SageTVChapter 6: Troubleshooting Guide
Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 8: Version HistoryCommon Access ModuleCrystal Palace
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