Why are we using Sky TV channel numberingEdit

Everyone will have their own opinion on this subject my reasoning for following Sky's numbering format is a follows:-

Its the most universaly known - I think there are probably more sky users/viewers than any other provider

Sky have nearly all the channels

It's easy to check the "up to date" sky numbers on the web

Its logical - They split their channels into Entertainment, Movies, Children etc

My wife knows the numbers

Why it's important to your SageTV set up Edit

As long as we all use the same channel numbers and names as per the Channel numbers list then SageTV is able to seemlessly intergrate all the tuners you have connected to your PC.

If the numbers and names you use are not the same for all tuners then you will end up with multiple entries for the same channels in your SageTV program guide, also SageTV will not be able to work out which version of which channel to use with which tuner to record a TV show.

Of course it's up to you however if you choose to use different channel names and numbers then you will create work for yourself and you will not benefit as much from the specific .frq data on this site.....


If you use the sky Channel numbers then you can choose to download the corresponding XMLTV file during setup in the XMLTV plugin which will enable you to have 14 days EPG (Electronic Program Guide) information automatically and save you a lot of work.

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